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Seeds of the Kingdom

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     The Mission Church now has a neighborhood garden and a little free library! This week we have got tremendous feed back about our 2 big projects this week. 
     Our little free library, which we are hoping lessens the summer slide for our neighborhood kids, has been well visited this week. The neighbors have discovered it, and now people stop by on a regular basis.
    On my way home from substitute teaching the other day, I drove past and 6 elementary school kids were crowded around the library looking at all of the books inside. I pulled up and they all smiled and waved saying "Hi Ms. Cansler!!" It's pretty amazing that we've been here for just days away from 1 year, and all the neighborhood kids know who I am.
     One of the most awesome things about our lending library, is that neighbors aren't just taking books out to read, but they are bringing their own books to place into our library. It truly is a place of exchange. A way for our community to grow in unity, and grow in knowledge together.
    Speaking of growing, this past Sunday we stayed late to plant all of our veggies in our new neighborhood garden.
     We've had neighbors stopping by all week to tell us how amazing it looks, and how excited they are that we are putting a garden in. The weather has been very crazy this week, and we are hoping that our little plants are resilient enough to make it, so we'll be able to share the bounty with the neighborhood. 
     While we were finishing it up, we had one of our neighbors stop by, and visit with us. He even helped Mac bring everything inside when it decided to pour rain right after we finished planting. 
     We are so excited about all the things that are happening here at The Mission Church. The ways that we are able to build up our neighborhood, to build bridges of compassion, peace, and love are astounding. We see the Spirit at work calling people to the heart of God, and we are excited to be just a small part of that. 

     There is a lot more work to be done, and we have a busy summer ahead, as we prepare for vacation Bible school, lay the ground work for supporting our neighborhood elementary school next fall, and look at more ways to create a church that pours out love on its neighbors. 
      Planting a garden is so fitting for what we are seeking to do here. To plant seeds of the kingdom, and to find where the Holy Spirit is moving and join in that work.