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We are going into this church plant with eyes as open as we know to make them, that has revealed to us that there will be a lot of work spiritually, emotionally, physically, and monetarily.

We are asking for help in all of those capacities from our friends and loved ones.

The most important way you can help us is to pray for us! There are a few specific ways to pray for us 1) Our marriage: that it would stay strong in the midst of transition and hard work
2) The city of Hammond: for the people who live there, for the difficulties they face (economically, emotionally, educationally, etc.).
3) That we would truly reflect Jesus to the world around us. That we would be loving, kind, and compassionate, even on days that it is difficult.
4) For jobs, we are moving into a bivocational position, and we need jobs to support our selves, and our ministry
5) That we would listen well. That our only agenda will be to love people, and share hope with them. We want to go in humbly with grace, so pray we would listen and submerge in our context.
6) That we would remember that it is God's Church, not ours.
7) That hearts and ears will be open.
8)For all of the missions trips coming to our community and church
There are so many more ways, but we feel that prayers are the most important thing for us! If you would like us to pray for you as well, just send us an email, or call us at the church!

You can also physically come to help us! Sign your youth group up for a City Connexx missions trip to Hammond, or contact me directly if you are nearby. We have several projects starting out, that we would love help with.
These include cleaning, sorting, inventory, plumbing, painting, gardening, and rearranging.

Finally, you can make a  financial donation. This will help with transitional expenses (basically cover keeping our church running and us there, while we are establishing a congregation!) This also can help us start establishing an emergency fund, so if the boiler breaks down, we aren't sunk. This money will also help us connect with the community, by providing us the freedom to interact more with the community, and by being able to meet practical needs as they arise.
If you would like to donate financially, there are 2 options 1) a recurring donation 2) a one time donation. You can give through paypal below, or you can even mail checks to our church. Better yet, come by and visit us! We'd love to show you around, and show you what God is doing!

Recurring Donation

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One Time Donation

Thanks for your prayers, your love, your support, and so much more! We know we couldn't make it without you!